She Doesn't Want to Spend the Day Shopping, She'd Prefer Beachcombing


You caught me: this one is an almost-dupe.  I posted previously about her enjoying looking for cool rocks more than most conventional activities.  But it bears mentioning twice as we share this attribute and we've spent many, many hours and days and road trips doing so.  And I really wanted to use this photo. 

We share a love of minerals.  The first time she hung out with me in my bedroom (rated PG; we just watched a movie) was the first time she learned of our shared love of cool rocks: the gargantuan headboard of my giant 1970s-era waterbed was festooned with my collection of favorite rocks (mostly agates), geodes, fossils, crystals, etc., and I'm pretty sure that cemented my suitability in her mind.

Our home and yard are bejeweled with many, many cool rocks, pretty rocks, fossils, geodes and gemstones to this day.


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