I'm constantly smitten by my girl.


Again and again.  The things she does, the shit she says, the faces she makes, the way she treats me and the others she loves, and just who she is and her general attitude.  She constantly re-amazes me and I find myself smiling or laughing over the latest, or some previous favorite "thing" she's done or look she's given.

She's usually not even aware of what I'm delighted by and smiling about..  
It occurred to me some time ago that I should write some of these down. After this had crossed my mind maybe 200 times, I finally started writing some notes and then finally created this place where I can catch up on these thoughts and ultimately keep a near-real-time list of occurrences. 
This list obviously can never actually be complete, and I confess that many of my list items are body parts. 

Note that she's not, so far, aware of this blog, so if you know her and you see it, please keep it under your hat.  I'll show it to her on the right day.


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