She Lives With Gusto


She doesn't do things halfway.  She gives her work her all.  She gives her home her all.  She gives me her all.  She gives herself her all, be that art time, gardening time, gym time, eating right time, rest time, play time, dessert time, alone time, Mom time, or friends time.

She does it all and, from where I sit, she makes it look easier than I'm sure it is.

When we hit the big wave on the Class 5, she digs in, smiling all the way.

When we hit mile 8 at the big elevation change on the "moderately difficult" 14-mile hike, she, again, digs in.

When we have a financially challenging year, she digs in.

When I'm ostensibly dying of cancer and the world is burning around us, she digs in.

When we get Hula Pie at Duke's, she digs in.

Dig in, baby.


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